Crop Walk Program

"Crop Walk Program new for Legend Seeds Canada in 2016."
"Now that’s the Legend Advantage."

 The purpose of this exciting program is to allow us to extend our knowledge and experience for use on your farm. If you need assistance counting plant populations for stand establishment, identifying disease or insect species, spray timing, and much more, we are here for you! The Legend Seeds Canada team is never far away. A team member will be out to your farm as quickly as possible – quite often within two days or less. Give us a call at 1-204-343-3696.

Beausejour: Mackenzie Mroz – 204.266.0876 –

Gladstone: Taylor Schettler – 204.386.2070 –

Eastern Manitoba: Jared Joyal – 204.384.7822 –

Western Manitoba: Andrew Evans – 204.245.0469 –

Maik Kort – 204.362.8576 –

Daniel Acuna – 204.797.1162 –

Jeff Bereza – 204.856.6100 –