Growing Insights

  • Soil Temperature Play An Important Role In Seeding

    Warm temperature are on their way in the next couple of weeks!

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  • Legend Seeds Corn News

    The team of Legend Seeds would like to thank all of our dealers and producers for the TREMENDOUS support you have given us this year on our corn business.  We want to let you know that all of our VT2PRIB varieties treated with Quick Roots is sold out, and we currently have only 33 bags of LR9473RR left in our inventory. Please get your order in immediately for this last 33 bags.

    Although the corn is not in the ground yet we want to once again thank you for the TREMENDOUS support you have shown Legend Seeds.

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  • Soybeans Make Sense

    With the recent news about China not accepting canola with more than 1% dockage the canola prices have taken a direct hit downward from this news.

    On another note, the winter wheat crop has experienced some ground thawing conditions last week followed by extreme cold temperatures this week, and very little snow insulation.  What type of an impact will this have on survivability?

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  • Soybean Aphid Fact Sheet

    Soybean aphids are fairly small in size, especially in their first stages. These will appear as small green, and also white specks, on the bottom side of the leaves. Soybean aphids are attracted to healthy green lush areas of the field and favor the newest leaves on plants. They can also be found on the stems.

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  • Grass Banks Spider Mite Fact Sheet

    The grass banks spider mites are extremely small in size; they will appear as small moving specks on the bottom of corn plant leaves. Corn can have both the two-spotted spider mites and the grass banks spider mites present. The grass banks spider mite will appear green/white without the two black spots on its back. A magnifying lens offers a better opportunity to identify these mites.

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