Growing Insights

  • Identification of Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and Management

    There has been much discussion and worry about the movement of Goss’s Bacterial Wilt throughout states and regions that are not typical for this particular pathogen. 

    Goss’s was originally found in Nebraska in 1969. It then spread over the course of the following several years to Wisconsin, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Wyoming. Years following the initial 1969 flare up, the recurrence of Goss’s was considered almost ... Read More

  • Two-Spotted Spider Mite Fact Sheet

    Two-spotted spider mites are extremely small in size; they will appear as small moving specks on the leaves of soybean plants. They are yellow-orange in color with two distinct black spots on each side of the body. The use of a 10X magnifying hand lens aids in the identification and verification of mite infestation.  

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