LS 005R22

0.05 RMCHU 2450
  • Mid-season maturity
  • Tall plant height
  • Semi-bush plant type
  • Great IDC tolerance
  • Exceptional standability / lodging score
  • Good for all soil types
  • Consistent high pod set off the ground
Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
Plant Height / Pod Set Height
Standability / Lodging
White Mould Resistance
Phytophthora Root Rot Tolerance
Vigorous Emergence For No-till
  • 9/10Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
  • 10/10Plant Height / Pod Set Height
  • 10/10Standability / Lodging
  • 8/10White Mould Resistance
  • 9/10Phytophthora Root Rot Tolerance
  • 9/10Vigorous Emergence For No-till
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The IDC score on this soybean allows it to perform great in salty and high pH soils.

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This consistent, high-yielding variety has a great pod set off the ground.

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A very tall soybean variety with amazing standability.